In the digital age, where every click, purchase, and interaction leaves a trace, the sanctity of privacy is constantly threatened by companies that fail to secure their information properly. The rapid growth of online activities and digital transactions has made personal data valuable, attracting malicious actors and creating numerous vulnerabilities.

Despite the increase in safety regulations and privacy measures, the assumption that all companies rigorously protect our data is often misplaced. Data breaches occur with alarming frequency, exposing the sensitive information of millions and deteriorating trust in digital platforms.

The idea of sharing personal information has become so commonplace in our society that most people don’t think twice before providing it. Consider the last time you gave a website your name and email to sign up for an account or your credit card number and banking information to make a purchase. We assume these companies are secure, believing they adhere to stringent safety regulations and privacy measures. However, the reality is that data breaches still happen all the time, affecting even the most prominent and ostensibly secure companies.

Data breaches can have a variety of causes, including sophisticated hacker attacks, phishing scams, poor security practices, and accidental leaks. These breaches have far-reaching consequences, affecting both individuals and organizations. In 2023 alone,  over 350 million individuals were affected by data breaches.

One of the most notable companies that has struggled with data leaks is Sony, which has a tumultuous history with data security. The recurring incidents at Sony underscore the persistent and evolving challenges in protecting personal information in an increasingly interconnected world.

The 2023 Sony Data Breach

Security problems ranging from DDoS attacks on Christmas Day to hackers stealing hundreds of Terabytes of data from Sony Pictures have given Sony a poor reputation regarding leaks. With all of the services Sony is responsible for, including Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony Financial Ventures, Sony Music Entertainment, and many more, they are protecting the private data of hundreds of millions of people all at once. This makes them a large target for thieves attempting to steal information, and, unfortunately, they were hit again late last year.



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